EPIC Conference 2013


Over the first few days of the new year, Siem Reap played host to the second ever EPIC Conference. 77 youth and 16 adult volunteers took over the city from January 2-4 for three days of worship, teaching, bonding, laughing, chilling, eating, shivering and Gangnam-styling.

EPIC Conference is all about giving TCK (third culture kids) the opportunity to have a space to learn about God and come together as a community to support and encourage each other as well as duh, to make friends and umm, have FUN.

Youth from Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Beijing participated in worship and teaching sessions, mini golf (with 1600 glow sticks!), an Angkor Wat photo field trip, bus karaoke, fingernail painting hangouts, silk work farm excursion, plus a whole lot of late night hangout time.


EPIC Volunteers

EPIC 2013 guest speaker, Jonathan Trotter spoke about the concept of home. What is home as a TCK? Where is home? And are we looking to God to be our home or are we looking elsewhere?

Over three sessions, he spoke on the following:

  1. We are designed to long for home and a sense of belonging. Secrets have a price. Grief is ok.
  2. Jesus was a TCK too. God wants to make His home in us.
  3. Sometimes home as we know it is taken away from us. But no matter what, we can always find home in God.

To find out more about EPIC or to read testimonies from the EPIC 2013 youth, check out epictck.com

Check out the video below for an EPIC Gangnam Style Fail!


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