Back at the end of last year, I started work on a new song. You know how they say sometimes our best work is done in a moment of flash creativity? I think it was one of those moments.

At the time, some friends of mine where getting ready to pack up and move back to the US after just less than a decade in Cambodia. To me it felt like they were about to turn a corner in life. They were still on the same road but they were about to see it from a whole new perspective.

That’s the other thing about corners, you don’t what’s around them until you take the gamble and follow the road and see what’s on the other side.

I called the song Corners. 

I think I’m coming up to a corner myself.


They say life’s like a highway
Sometimes it’s kind of lonely
I’ve got my hands on the steering wheel

But I don’t always know where I’m going

I know I’ve got a purpose
And I’ve got a destination
But the road in between
Gets confusing to me sometimes

Are you coming around a corner?
Are you coming around a corner in life?
Do you have a lot of questions?
You don’t have the answers
God’s got you in His sights

This heart beats strong inside me
I feel a fire burning
I’m trying my best to be my best
But honestly I’m learning

The past lies there behind me
The future lies before me
But the road in between gets confusing to me sometimes
And my eyes are open as I try to read the signs

And we won’t have the answers always
Because this life takes a little faith
But I’m trusting in Your ways
Turning corners or driving straight



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