Corners + Hometowns

For the last few weeks, between packing and moving continents, I decided to add two other projects into the equation. #yolo


The first of which is a song I started writing late last year. It was inspired by some friends of mine who were preparing to move back to the US after a decade working in Cambodia. They weren’t exactly sure what they would be doing or where they would end up – in essence, they were turning a corner in life.

And soon enough, I would be too. Hence, what finally pushed me to finish the song and get it recorded.

CornersĀ is now available worldwide on iTunes. To download, click here.

‘Hometown Glory’

The second project was a little video I wanted to put together to share my journey of saying goodbye (but not farewell) to Phnom Penh.


3 thoughts on “Corners + Hometowns

  1. I have your blog through LOS. I must say that I absolutely love Cambodia. It brought out the worse of me, and the best. I was not living there, but was living nearby. I miss that part of the world so much. Are you going back?

  2. Hi Lana, thanks for checking out the blog and saying hi! Cambodia is one of those special places in the world, that embeds itself under your skin. But I know what you mean, life there isn’t always a walk in the park. It will always be a part of my life. Do you plan on ever going back?

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