The Liebster Award


I was recently bestowed a ‘nomination’ for The Liebster Award by the author of Tanya’s Stories, a good friend and fellow TCK workers, who also happens to be a great supporter of this blog.

What is that you ask?
The Liebster Award is a chance for smaller blogs to promote and endorse other great small blogs!

Here’s the deal:
My “nomination” came with a list of 11 questions for me to answer.
Next I choose up to 11 other small blogs to bestow a Liebster upon,
and write a list of 11 questions for them to answer as their own Liebster acceptance.

Challenge accepted. Here goes.

1. What are 5 adjectives that describe you?
Silly. Caring. Curious. Creative. A goober. In adjective form: goobery? goobish?

2. What inspires you to write? Do you have a muse?
I write about whatever is going on in my life and that’s true of pretty much anything I write – blogs, songs, letters, scripts, Facebook messages. By the time I put pen to paper, I have already usually stewed on it in my head, for a couple hours, days, or months.

3. What is your favourite post on your blog?
First off, can I just thank you for spelling favourite with a ‘u.’ Commonwealth pride.

My favourite post is A Note to a Younger Self. I’ve gone over and reread that to myself so many times. Writing that post was a full circle moment for me. When we go through hard times and come out the other side, it’s comforting to look back and to reflect on the lessons learnt.

4. What book do you think everyone should read at least once, and why?
Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. It’s just a cool insight into success and the hidden variables we don’t always notice.

5. When it comes to media, what is your guilty pleasure?
Anyone who knows me, automatically knows my guilty pleasure is reality TV. And #1 on my list of guilty pleasure reality shows is definitely The Apprentice. Love that show.

6. If you could snap your fingers and play and musical instrument flawlessly, which instrument would you choose?
Easy decision. The piano.

7. If you could snap your fingers and speak any language on earth fluently (and with a native accent), which language would you choose?
It would have to be Khmer. Then I could argue better with my siblings and tuk tuk drivers.

8. What is the most amazing place you’ve visited?
Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Ratanakiri, Cambodia
Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

9. What is your bucket list of travel destinations?
Uganda. Kenya. Reunion Island. France. Israel. Iraq. Iran. Jordan. Argentine. Germany. Switzerland. New Zealand. Belgium. Mongolia…I could keep going…

10. What is something you were told as a child/young person that has continued to encourage you?
Good question. This wasn’t told to me as such but it’s always stuck with me. There’s a scene in LOST (I know, I know, you either loved it or hated it), where John Locke, after regaining mobility in his legs, only to soon lose it again tells his fellow island castaways, ‘Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do.’ It’s just always stuck with me. I think sometimes we as humans judge people by their abilities, not by their drive.

11. What is an achievement from your own life that you are particularly proud of?
Getting good grades in high school and uni. I worked my butt off for those!

My Liebster Award Nominees


Project Light to Life is a bucket list of sorts with a cool twist. To me it is more about making the world a nicer and brighter place through simple and discreet gestures.
Favourite Post: Write a Nice Letter and Leave it in a Book for a Stranger to Find

The Aqua Life is written by my high school best friend and her sister. Dedicated to their late godmother, The Aqua Life, follows their life and adventures post-high school as they travel the world, study, eat, and follow their dreams.
Favourite Post: Birthday Week: The Food

Two M Ventures chronicles an American missionary’s life and lessons learnt in Cambodia and all around the world. Great insights and great stories from a wealth of experience.
Favourite Post: Time, does it Fly or Walk?

Nominee Questions

1. If you could have dinner with three of your heroes (from anytime in history), who would they be?
2. What’s your go-to Karaoke track?
3. What got you blogging in the first place?
4. If you could interview anyone, who would you choose?
5. What’s the first thing that you think of when you wake up? (For me, it’s where’s the snooze button and can I reach it?)
6. What’s your dream job?
7. If you could live in any point in history, which would you choose?
8. Which writer/journalist/blogger has most influenced you as a writer?
9. Why did the chicken cross the road? (Really…I need to know).
10. When was the last time you laughed?
11. What blog post of your own are you most proud of and why?


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