In This Skin

After twenty five years, you’d think I’d finally be comfortable in this skin…you’d think.


And I am comfortable in this skin.

Most days.
At least on good days.

Most of the time.

The older I get. The less I worry about the superficial things.

But there are some things, I still can’t manage to get right.

After 25 years of curly hair encompassing this head of mine, you’d think I’d know what to do with it.

I don’t.

And you know what? The world keeps spinning. The clock ticks and life goes on.

My sister tells me jeans don’t go with sneakers.

They don’t?

They should. They’re really comfortable.

And why can’t I grow a beard?

This long after puberty, you would have thought my body would finally figured out how to provide me with facial hair relevant to my age?

I guess not.

All this to say, that I don’t really have something to say as such.

I guess it just comes down to this.

Be happy with who you are.

Have bad days. They will come.

But be sure to make them few and far between.

Life’s too short to stress about why you look like a teenager,
why your hair is something out of 1986,
and why jeans and sneakers can’t go together.

Be you. You’re cool.


How do you feel in the skin you’re in?


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  1. deborahdwise

    Jeans and sneakers so TOTALLY go together. No worries.

    1. wheresthescript

      Good to hear. I think so too!

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