Who am I? + What am I doing?

Chris Bowman Head Shot

My name is Chris. I am Australian. And more importantly, I am also a TCK (third culture kid). Wait. Are you still a TCK when you’re in 30s? Let’s say yes. I’ve spent more of my life living outside my home country than I have living in my home country.

When I was a toddler we lived in central Africa and when I was nine, my parents and I moved to Cambodia.

Like every other TCK in the world I’m an amalgamation of all the cultures around me – not really ‘belonging’ to any single culture as such. And you know what, I’m good with that.

I currently work in communications for a non-profit. I am married to a beautiful TCK, we currently live in Cambodia and I blog when thoughts ponder across my mind that are too persistent to stay there.

This is me. Let the journey begin…

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6 thoughts on “Who am I? + What am I doing?

  1. Hi, great meeting you! My birth country, East Germany, does not even exist anymore. Lived in the former East, West, London, USA, last 8 years in South Africa, raising kids who speak 3 languages fluently, returning to Germany feels weird as one is not up to date with current jokes and TV shows, etc, In South Africa whites are either British or Afrikaans, I am neither – to constantly explain where one is from becomes painful, because in the end one would just like to be a person. 🙂 Home: Earth

    • Hi, thanks for sharing your story. I agree, Home: Earth is the best way of looking at it. I think we’re the modern equivalent of nomads and it’s scary, exciting, hard, and yet all so worth it – all those things at exactly the same time. And what a great gift for your kids – to speak three languages. I have a hard enough time thinking/speaking between two. 🙂

      • I speak 7 languages by now, having traveled quite extensively and lived in many places before getting married. We speak 3 languages around the dinner table:German (mine) Afrikaans (similar to Dutch, my husbands) and English (our country’s language)although South Africa actually has 11 official languages and many more spoken in the country, isn’t that something …

  2. Wow Chris, what an amazing 20-something years you’ve had so far! I’ve only read a couple of your stories as yet, lots more to go. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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