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  • In Memory of…

    Right around the world, today, December 1, is World AIDS Day. Fifteen years ago, HIV/AIDS became relevant to my life. When I was just ten years old, and we had only just moved to Cambodia – my parents were asked by a mother, dying of complications from AIDS, to care for her two year old […]


  • Single-Minded

    Be forewarned: I’ve written about being single before, I’m about to write about it now and there’s every chance I’ll write about it again. At this point in life, it’s just a part of who I am. And it’s not a complaint – it’s just an insight into my personal observations on being a single […]

  • The Truth About Being Single

    I’m 24 and have never been in a relationship. Shocking, right? I don’t think so. My fellow twenty-somethings sympathize. My married twenty-somethings pat me on the back and tell me she’s out there – somewhere. My never-been-single-in-their-life friends just don’t get it. And well – they probably never will. It doesn’t bother me. Well, most […]