Lessons from My Father


In honour of Father’s Day, I want to throw something out there:

Dear dads, you are important. You matter to us. And you are needed.

I think fatherhood is one of the coolest roles in the world and that dads really do matter to their kids, even though we as kids don’t always realize it.

Dear dad, this is for you. We haven’t always travelled down the smoothest road together. There have been good times, bad times, times when we’ve been close, and times when we’ve been distant with each other. But through it all, you have done me well as a dad and you have inspired and encouraged me to one day be a dad myself.

This is to celebrate you and the lessons you’ve taught me.

Lesson 1: My Father Is Generous
And he is. We haven’t always had a lot but you have always strived to give us great life experiences and to bless us where possible. Even when it came as a sacrifice to your bank account, your time, and most importantly your ability to sleep peacefully at night without worrying about money.

Lesson 2: My Father Has a Room for Me
My parents have always instilled in us a sense of agape love. Their love for us has never been determined by our behaviour or by our actions. We have never had to be anyone or live up to any standard. They have always let us know that they love us simply because we are their children and that this will never change.

Lesson 3: My Father Has Dreams for Me
Not his dreams. Just dreams. He knows his children have a wealth of potential. And he encourages and inspires us to dream and dream big. And then to follow it up by working hard and making those dreams a reality.

Lesson 4: My Father Cries Soft and Laughs Loud
I have never been under the impression that real men can’t cry or show their emotions. I have seen my dad cry and he is a real man. When the pain of it all is just too much sometimes, I’ve seen the tears well up in eyes and cascade out. I can cry too because my father showed me it’s ok.

But crying for him is rare. Laughter is constant. There are few greater sounds than that of my father laughing. Especially, in response to stories from my goofy life. I love that sound.

Lesson 5: My Father Loves Adventure
It’s taken me twenty plus years to catch up to my dad’s sense of adventure. When I was younger, I didn’t want to leave my comfort zone. But the older I get, the more I understand why my dad would rather walk than drive, why he would rather explore than relax, and why he more often than not chooses the path less followed.

I wouldn’t be as fearless and adventurous today if it wasn’t for my dad. And I definitely wouldn’t have seen the world and followed my own unbeaten path. Thanks dad.

Lesson 6: My Father’s Heart Is Big
And the older he gets, the bigger his heart gets too I believe. My dad thought he was done at three kids – boy, was he wrong. God had a different plan and that plan came into fruition because my mum and my dad have big hearts and let God make them even bigger. My dad has a heart for the fatherless. One day too, I hope to be a dad like that. A dad for those who have lost or been abandoned by their own.

Lesson 7: My Father Loves to Sing – and To Sing Loud
Yep, I definitely got that from him.

Happy Father’s Day Dad.

What lessons have you learnt from your fathers? Let me know in the comments below.


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